Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence quite simply provides the most effective and comprehensive tool for school improvement. And in doing so, empowers and guides each school community to create its own blueprint for continuously reaching new goals.

The Blue Ribbon process has had an enormously positive impact not only on our school but also on our entire district. It has also been a continuous inspiration to me as an educator and has allowed me to participate in a collaborative network of excellent educators from all over the country.

The Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence improvement standards represent a comprehensive foundation for school improvement and focus clearly on doing what’s best for children. The Blue Ribbon process has been instrumental in transforming so many schools and in providing new opportunities for countless students.

Craig Martin, Assistant Superintendent for Learning and Teaching at Reading Public Schools - Reading,MA

The Blue Ribbon School Assessment Process is one that I would highly recommend. Bart and his team will provide your school with a comprehensive assessment targeting areas necessary for school success. The results allow for specific school improvement planning and a resource network of other successful schools across the country.

Danielle E. Klingaman, Principal - Joseph W. Martin, Jr. Elementary School


I wanted to pass this thought along...

I believe it is very difficult to argue the fact that teaching children is the most important thing we do. If you believe that, then it is imperative we educate our children using what research establishes as excellent. Blue-Ribbon Schools of Excellence, Bart's vision, allows educators, without restriction, the opportunity to measure what we provide for children in our schools.  In doing that, we know we are fulfilling the awesome  responsibility we have before us.

Mike Morris Ed.D, Principal - St. Ann School

The school improvement model has provided the blueprint for each school to target specific opportunity areas and maximize resources effectively through the use of data.

Dr. Karen Jensen, Title I Coordinator for Madison County Schools, Alabama


The Blueprint for Excellence School Improvement Model facilitated the transition from concept to reality; Developing a great school "someday" to implementing best practices everyday for all students!

Cathy Giles, Principal - Killam Elementary - Reading, MA

The Blue Ribbon Schools Blueprint for Excellence school assessment is the best tool that I have seen in identifying needs, and planning and implementing a comprehensive school improvement process. It is a collaborative process which involves all stakeholders in the school community as they seek to provide an outstanding educational experience for their students no matter where the starting point. The Blue Ribbon staff builds relationships with their clients and provides honest, open feedback and solutions geared towards the needs of each school. Do not miss out on this great opportunity!

Rocco Sugameli, National Distinguished Principal - Arizona

The Blueprint for Excellence process really improved our school by uniting faculty members and stakeholders towards one common cause, properly identifying researched-based standards to improve the culture and climate of the school, and by providing a framework to work towards moving our school from good to great.  This process also enabled us to celebrate some great things we were already doing, while identifying areas of opportunity for improvement.

 Antonio Williams, Principal - Hayneville Middle School - Hayneville, Alabama


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