Day 1                              Tuesday, November 28th 

 Workshop: Teaching All Kinds of Minds

Edgenuity Special Session: Personalized Learning with Online Instruction

 Day 2                              Wednesday, November 29th

Opening Session and Keynote:  Ron Suskind—Life, Animated

Concurrent Sessions A

Session Description: On The Road to Excellence: How to Get the Right People on the Bus

Session Description: Creating a STEMtastic Lesson

Session Description: The Johns Hopkins Digital Portfolio for Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence

Session Description: "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo" Finding the Magic Behind Blended Learning

Session Description: Teacher and Student Friendly Schools.

Concurrent Sessions B

Session Description: Hitting the “RESET” Button: The 21st Century Whole Child School

Concurrent Sessions C

Session Description: How to Become a Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Lighthouse.

Special Session Workshop

 Day 3                              Thursday, November 30th

 Concurrent Sessions D

Session Description: Behavior: It’s All About Culture and Climate

Session Description: Mastering the Master Schedule.

Session Description: Building Sustainable Leadership Throughout Your System

Concurrent Sessions E

Session Description: Brain-Friendly Classrooms and Strategies for Student Success

Concurrent Sessions F 

Concurrent Sessions G

Session Description: Intentional Focus: Strategic Planning as a District.

 Day 4                              Friday, December 1st

Concurrent Sessions H

Concurrent Sessions I

Session Description: Whatever it Takes-Personalizing your School!

Session Description: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice: Best Practices in Literacy Instruction.

Concurrent Sessions J

Session Description: Free Content at and Tools.

Session Description: The Artisan Leader: ‘Heart of a Servant. Mind of a Scholar, Inspiration of an Artist’


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