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Serving schools nationwide since 2001, Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. We provide continuous improvement support through school recognition, our one-of-a-kind survey, and actionable insights, resources, and guidance. With our comprehensive approach including professional development, best practice sharing, national conferences and networking, we do everything possible to create a path forward for all schools and all kids.

The nine major categories of critical performance in excellent schools.

  • Student Focus and Support
  • School Organization and Culture
  • Challenging Standards and Curriculum
  • Active Teaching and Learning
  • Technology Integration

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  • Professional Community
  • Leadership and Educational Vitality
  • School, Family, and Community Partnerships
  • Indicators of Success

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The Blueprint for Excellence Assessment provides a variety of stakeholder reports for improvement for any school at any level. As we continuously improve our assessment, the ABCpdf tool has proved to be a reliable solution that can produce richly-formatted, secure reports for the educational community. Our school communities certainly appreciate it!



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Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence make a difference.
Read what people are saying about our program and how it has impacted their school.

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