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The growing body of research on best practices in education continues to reveal techniques, strategies, and recommendations aimed at developing the elements critical to educating all students successfully. Best practices in education center on curriculum and teaching, classroom practices that enhance student academic skills, and academic achievement.

Best practices in education also place an emphasis on the principal's leadership role, the articulation of clear and well-defined academic standards, and the involvement of parents and community members in the life of the school. Unfortunately, the potential of these best practices remains confined to the schools where they were developed and practiced, and are not readily available to other schools to study and implement. Until now...

The Interactive Library of Best Practices will contain a collection of best practices in education from schools across the nation; will provide educators, parents, and community members with access to the best practices; and will provide the opportunity for dialogue with those practitioners who developed and implemented them. This clearinghouse for model educational programs will develop a solid base of best practices that can lead to school improvement in all schools, including low performing schools, that choose to ensure measurable student achievement through systemic academic reform.

Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence staff identify best practices and programs through site visits, proven practices, and interaction with school communities. The best practice submission form utilizes a scientific method designed to incorporate specific information necessary for potential implementation of each best practice. All submissions will be validated by knowledgeable practitioners prior to publishing on the Web for public access. By developing a comprehensive interactive library accessible via the Internet, schools can share their best practices with other schools throughout the United States, as well as all over the world. A special feature of this database is the inclusion of schools designated as Intel/Scholastic School of Distinction Award winners – this awards program is administered by Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence. As all of your best practices are shared and implemented, we can continue to build awareness in the attainment of excellence in our schools.

We invite you to share the best practices in your school for the ultimate success of all children.

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